As the numbers for Covid-19 in Wyoming have been surging as of late, so has the anxiety of the state's residents regarding the pandemic.

According to a new survey conducted by the University of Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center, over one-third of Wyoming residents have said they are very of fairly anxious about the pandemic within the state. An additional 20 percent has claimed they are somewhat anxious about the spread of Covid-19 in Wyoming. The amount that are very or fairly anxious is an increase of about 7 percent from the previous month.

The statistics have also increased for those that think the worst is yet to come in Wyoming in terms of the pandemic with 39 percent saying that, which is also a 10 percent increase since September. In contrast, just 17 percent think the worst of the Covid-19 situation is behind us.

The study also showed that the number increased for those that see Covid-19 as a "real threat" as it is up two percentage to 47 percent, while those who think it has been "blown out of proportion" has decreased by two percentage to 47 points. For more results gathered from the survey, check out the link here.

As of October 12th, the number of total cases Wyoming has seen from Covid-19 was at 7,964, while the death toll is at 57.

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