Have you heard of "goat yoga," or "goga," as I call it?

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It's yoga. But with goats. Obviously.

Goat yoga has taken social media by storm, with videos of baby goats (kids), fainting goats, and all kinds of other goats getting in some namaste alongside human practitioners. And guess what? Cheyenne has a goat spot just a short drive away from us in Carpenter, Wyoming.

Say Naaaaa-maste at Goat Yoga Next Week

The mama goats at Pine Ranch have had a busy season of kidding - a.k.a. bringing baby goats into the world. Thus, Pine Ranch has plenty of baby goats running around who would just love to give you snuggles during yoga.

Naturally, I had a few questions. Will the baby goat eat my hair? Are (human) kids allowed? Can we cuddle the goats?

I contacted Anne at Pine Ranch for more details about this unique yoga retreat.

Courtesy of Anne at Pine Ranch
Courtesy of Anne at Pine Ranch

Goga Goes Western at Pine Ranch

According to Anne, Goat Yoga first came about at Pine Ranch because her friends were down to give it a shot. At their encouragement, she began offering the practice at the ranch on occasion. Anne was kind enough to answer a few of my other questions to shed light on this goat-ally fantastic event.

How Long is a Goat Yoga Session?

Each session lasts about an hour, but there's extra time for goat snuggles and kisses.

How Much Does a Session Cost?

Each session is $20 per person - adults and kids. RSVP required - reach out to Anne via Facebook Messenger or contact Pine Ranch here.

When Are the Next Yoga Sessions?

The next goat yoga sessions at Pine Ranch are on April 30 at 10 a.m. and May 7 at 3 p.m. at 815 Co Rd 154, Carpenter, WY 82054.

Will Goats Eat My Hair?

Anne described the baby goats as toddlers. They like to experience and explore new things. So, there's a chance they may sniff at your ponytail. But Anne added that they are more likely to be interested in your shoe laces. So, if you do have something you don't want the goats to nibble at, let Anne know, and she'll keep them from it.

What Happens if Goats Have an...Accident?

There hasn't been a goat-on-person potty accident on Anne's watch during goga. She said they're usually too excited and intrigued with all the stimuli to have a bathroom break issue. That said, Anne and the team would help clean it up if it were to happen.

Are (Human) Kids Welcome?

Yes, your kids are welcome to hang out with Anne's kids. No kidding. (Okay, I'll stop now.)

Just keep in mind that kids have to be able to stay on their mat during the whole practice - no running around the goats during yoga.

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