I love when people bring me free things. Especially when it's food.

That's why I was really excited to learn Wendy's wanted me to sample some new menu items. "I love Wendy's," I thought to myself, "of course I'll try some new food."

Then I found out what was on the menu - Ghost Pepper Fries and the Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

The  Jalapeño Fresco was no problem. I love Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich, I love the taste of jalapeños, that would be easy easy. But GHOST PEPPER FRIES!? I've seen shows on the Food Network about Ghost Chilies, one of the hottest chilies on earth, they make food experts cry, they are thousands of times spicier than the jalapeño... What did I get myself into? 

When the food arrived I pulled a box of fries out of the bag first, and noticed a clear aroma of spice. Instantly my sinuses cleared from the smell alone. I braced myself and dove in.

The taste to my surprise was fantastic, that classic Wendy's fry perfectly seasoned with salt, a crisp bite of chopped jalapeño, and a cheesy sauce. I waited a few moments for the heat to kick in and noticed a mild kick. A few fries later, I could feel a fairly significant burn.

On to the sandwich which I was much more confident about. As I bit into the sandwich I got a plump, well seasoned bite of chicken, more diced jalapeño, onion, and swiss cheese. Delicious. One of the best fast food items I've ever tried. The right amount of kick, but more flavor than anything.

As I alternated between the fries and sandwich, I noticed the heat coming on stronger. This is not a "make you want to cry" kind of heat, but you'll notice it's there.

Recommendation: If you're used to trying spicy foods - GO FOR IT! This is a winning combination. If you're not a huge spice fan, I'd recommend leaving the fries out and just grabbing the Jalapeño Fesco Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

Ultimate recommendation: Pair this combo with one of Wendy's classic frosty's! It will cool the burn and be delicious.