It’s Shovel Time

The City of Laramie Code Enforcement Division reminds you to keep your snow shovel handy and clear your sidewalks as soon as possible after a storm.

Removal of Snow, Ice & Debris from Sidewalks

Section 12.08.020 of the Laramie Municipal Code (updated as of February 25, 2018), states that “owners, occupiers, and property managers have the duty to keep the sidewalk adjacent to their properties clear of snow, ice . . .” and other debris.

If the owner fails to take appropriate action, the code enforcement inspector may take further measures to correct the problem including hiring a contractor to correct the problem, then charging the property owner the contractor’s fees plus $50.00.

To assure the safe movement of traffic on the main arterial streets, Snow Emergency Routes are provided. A Snow Emergency may be declared by the City Manager whenever he determines that snow, sleet, freezing rain, blowing snow, or a forecast by the National Weather Service warrants the emergency.

If you have any questions or wish to report a code violation, please call the Code Enforcement Inspector at 307-721-5285 or visit the Planning Office at 405 E Grand Avenue.

The Code Enforcement Division functions primarily to investigate and enforce property owners failing to clear their sidewalks of ice and snow following a snowfall, as well as to enforce ordinances pertaining to offensive growth, trash, junk, and junked vehicles located on private property.

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