It's been the longest 4 months of my life. So much has changed and that includes my opinion about this pandemic we're all trying to survive.

Before I get too deep into my transformation, I want to be clear that I have no agenda. I generally don't trust any politicians and have no agenda to try and convince you that my way of thinking is right. I just felt like it was important to document how I felt when this began and where I am now and why.

When the lock-down began in mid-March, I was scrambling to make sense of what was happening and why. I still can't tell you that I fully understand what COVID-19 is and how dangerous it is or how likely I am to get it.

Frankly, I didn't take it seriously at first. I lived my life normally for the most part and didn't really think this crisis would last. Boy, was I ever wrong.

What I do know is that my viewpoint on the pandemic changed one night while my wife was communicating with one of her friends. She was emotional and sharing condolences for a friend who had lost her dad and brother to the virus. Her friend had also just shared that her mom was admitted to the hospital with COVID-19. In the span of a week, she had lost nearly all of her family and wondered if she was next. Suddenly, I didn't care about whether the CDC was giving me accurate data or if Dr. Fauci could be trusted. I now knew someone who had suffered loss.

Shortly after this, I had a life-long friend who I used to play tennis with who shared that he and his entire family had the virus on his anniversary day with his wife. My friend had survived lymphoma, but now was dealing with his entire family being ill. He was one of those who didn't think he would get it. He was wrong.

COVID-19 had become very personal and close to home. It now didn't matter if I believed the CDC. Lives were being lost and I didn't need to rely on whether I believed the media. I knew it was true. Even if it never affected anyone else, it hurt.

From this point on, I made sure I wore a mask in stores or anyplace where people would be. I didn't care if it was 100% effective. I had to do everything I could to limit my exposure for the sake of my family. We quarantined my wife and kids in our house from the beginning, but then became even more diligent. I am still the only family member that leaves our home.

Most of my friends don't understand my transformation on COVID-19. I don't blame them. For most of them, it's not personal. For their sake, I hope they don't end up seeing this virus like I now do.

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