Sure, almost as soon as a cute kitten ends up in a shelter, they're snapped up and given a loving home, but what happens to elder cats that end up in the shelter system? One retired couple in Florida has made it their life mission to give those senior cats the best golden years possible with their "Cat Retirement Home," Cats Cradle. 

Founded by Bruce Jenkins and his wife Terry after the retired from a life spent crabbing in the Gulf of Mexico and had raised their children. It all started with one cat at the veterinarian whose beloved elderly owner had passed away. Terry brought the calico cat home and it started their collection of 25 senior cats retiring in style on their small farm.

The cats have free range of the one-acre of land designated at the cat sanctuary, complete with suspension bridges, a goose pond, and perches set up to allow them to watch birds and chickens and other wildlife wherever they choose to lounge. The proprietors even have activity days for the elderly felines, including box and bag Wednesdays and other toys cats love.

When a cat inevitably passes away, they're surrounded by love. The Jenkins' have put together a separate part of their property that serves as a memorial butterfly garden, where the ashes of each of the past residents rest in remembrance. If you want to help Cats Cradle and it's fabulous retirement plan for elderly cats, check out their website here. They even have 24/7 webcams so you can watch these old beauties enjoying the good life.

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