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My god, they've gotten to our Hot Pockets! The backbone of America! Seriously, though, the USDA has recalled a bunch of Hot Pockets because there may be pieces of hard plastic or glass!

Have you gotten your fill of Wonder Woman 1984 on HBOMAX? If not, you're running out of time. While Warner is putting their new films on HBOMAX first, they're only there for a month, then you'll have to go to the theater. Weird flex, but I get it, I guess.

Want to rip off Pearl Jam's name? It'll cost you. A band in London named their band Pearl Jamm, yes, with two Ms. Not on Eddie Vedder's watch, as the band's legal team sent them a letter with the riot act. Maybe change it to Jammin' Pearls?

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Puppy Love, A Date With Your Dog with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter is slated to happen at Freedom's Edge Brewing Company on February 13th, for just 20 bucks you get a table for you and your pup, and that Instagram worthy pic! Do it for the gram, and the big ole woofers.

If you have a losing WyoLotto ticket lying around, make sure you check with WyoLotto, it could net you a cool $1000 or up to $4000 with their Second Chance Giveaway.

And finally, Wyoming State Parks and Historical Sites are set to raise their fees in 2021 to offset the budget. You can get early bird discounts now through Feb. 15th if you act fast!

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