Though it first aired in 2017, imagine my surprise when channel surfing and hearing "WyoLotto," on HGTV! The show My Dream Lottery Home, an HGTV series that follows recent lottery winners on their search for the perfect home, featured millionaire Lottery winners who got their winnings from the Wyoming Lottery.

Pablo and Yanelly, 2015,
Pablo and Yanelly, 2015,

Pablo and Nelly were only married a few months when Pablo bought a WyoLotto ticket on a trip up into the Cowboy State at an Evanston gas station. They were astonished to learn that they won over a million dollars! For the couple, who also live with extended family, this was the opportunity to find the perfect house with enough room for everyone in the Utah mountains near Salt Lake City.

Pablo and Nelly, a lovely couple, spent the episode looking at huge homes with multiple living rooms, enough room for a suite for Nelly's mother, and their opinionated niece looking for the perfect teenage bedroom to express her style.

You'll have to watch it to see all of the twists and turns, but let's say the WyoLotto treated them well enough that they found the perfect home, and got it under budget! Remember, you're just one ticket away from being just like Pablo and Nelly - and think of the kind of house you could have if you stayed in Wyoming instead of paying for Salt Lake real estate!

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