Happy Fall, Wyoming! As the season changes over, so do a lot of other things. We've already seen at least some slight temperature changes as it cools off and there's soon to be plenty of Fall-themed events in and around Wyoming that lead up to October and November and in the process, being named one of the top states in the U.S. to visit during the Fall.

The publication Lawnstarter recently ranked each state to visit during the autumn months. Based on factors such as the number of national and state parks, trails, corn mazes, and wineries, we ended up ranking very well on the list. Not just in the top ten, but top five. Well, 5th technically. Wyoming ranked as the 5th best state to visit during the fall.

It turns out that Wyoming happens to be tied with having the most month of 'Fall foliage' with other Colorado, Michigan, Vermont, and West Virginia. That particular factor helped Wyoming end up being ranked 3rd in the category of 'Fall Scenery'. Not only that, but we also have the most hiking trails per 100,000 residents, which certainly helped in earning us the 5th best spot in the category of 'Outdoor Recreation'.

In terms of 'Entertainment', we ranked 14th overall, so not bad. That all helped solidify our top five spot.

The only states to finish ahead of Wyoming on the list were California, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, which took the top spot on the list. As for our neighbors to the south in Colorado, they couldn't crack the top ten as they finished 11th overall on the list.

So look at us, Wyoming! We're a cool place to come and visit during the Fall. Literally, it's noticeably been cooler as of late (so yes, pun intended).

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