Meeteetse, Wyoming native Dusty Tuckness was, again, awarded "Bullfighter of the Year" by the PRCA in Las Vegas. Even rodeo lovers would still never distract an already angry two-ton bull.

Some still refer to a "rodeo clown," but now he's called a bullfighter. I just call him, "Sir," and he was never clowning around.

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Actually, just his name alone, Dusty Tuckness, sounds totally Wyoming tough, but a great magazine story for rodeo fans wad written by The New Yorker (of all places). It's all about Dusty, mentioning, "Some bullriders have started wearing helmets. Their guardians have not."

We're as much a fan of Dusty as anyone in that ring. At age 29, for the fifth time, he is recognized at 2017's best at what he does. Now watch a little of that action.


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