Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon on Friday signed announced that he’s authorizing more than $250 million in cuts to the current two-year budget cycle.

That represents 10% of the state's general fund.

According to a Monday afternoon announcement, the state is facing a $1 billion shortfall for the general fund with another $500 million for school funding.

The announced budget cuts will mean employees losing their jobs along with mandatory furloughs.

Gordon has approved a mandatory furlough day for six months beginning in August for executive branch employees on the "higher-end" of the pay scale.

Even with the dramatic budget cuts, the state is still facing a projected budget shortfall of more than $600 million. Gordon has directed agencies to prepare preliminary proposals to cut an additional 10% from their budgets.

In the release, Gordon stressed that the cuts will be felt outside of state government. They will include significant monies that enter the private sector through contracts and also include services available to the state's seniors, disabled and low-income residents.

“The repercussions to our communities and the businesses of our state are significant,” Governor Gordon said in the release. “While they are necessary, these cuts weaken our ability to deliver the critical services and functions of our state government that Wyomingites depend on.”

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