Well done, Wyomingites! We are one of the least smelly states in the entire country. So of course that means that we smell really awesome! Or at least we would like to believe something to that effect. They have done studies you know...

Okay, maybe they've just done one study, which has been released by Zippia, but it is certainly the most important one since it shows a result that we can be proud of. It turns out that we are the 48th least smelly state in the country! So basically, we're the 3rd best smelling then. That's amazing!

Now, before you go dousing yourself with your typical amount of Axe Body Spray or your favorite cologne, possibly Sex Panther (60 percent of the time it works every time), the study was based on two main factors, which are dirty air and trash and/or the percentage of each state that is landfill.

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Air Filters Delivered provided the info telling just how much dirty air that we have. It seems that we have the 12th cleanest air of any state. The fact that Wyoming is the least populated state in the country doesn't exactly hurt for this statistic since air pollution from the lack of air pollution from vehicles helped us to have the 3rd least air pollution in the country.

The study also used data provided by the EPA to show the percentage of Wyoming that is landfill and it turns out that given the large area of our state, not much of it is used for piles of trash at all, so we excelled in that category as well.

North Dakota and South Dakota were the only states ranking ahead of Wyoming for the least smelly states in the study.

In terms of the smelliest states, Maryland takes the top spot as the smelliest state. They probably smell worse than the time the raccoon got in the copier. They were followed by California, Florida, Delaware, and Massachusetts. You can check out where each state on the map ranks here.

In the meantime, keep doing your thing, Wyoming! You smell pretty fantastic!

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