Wyoming Dept. of Education
Wyoming Dept. of Education

Wyoming Superintendent of Schools Jillian Balow says the re-opening of schools across the state this fall will look different from district to district, depending on the decisions made by local school boards.

Overall, the state will offer "a few requirements and lots of suggestions" as to dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But local districts will get to make most of the decisions as long as they meet a few basic guidelines.  Balow made the comments on Monday in an interview with Glenn Woods on the ''Wakeup Wyoming" program.

Balow said requirements include social distancing and the use of masks in situations where that isn't possible. She said individual districts might decide how to implement social distancing in such situations as school buses and cafeterias. Balow also said there may be a re-adjustment period for students who physically return to the classroom after being away since mid-March in most cases.

Since some students did well in terms of remote learning at home, she says those who did not adapt as well to that environment may have a little catching up to do academically.

You can hear the entire Balow interview with Glenn Woods in the audio attached to this article.



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