I've attended more rodeos and concerts at Cheyenne Frontier Days than I can count. And it never fails. If I have tickets in the grandstands, I can't find my seat.

Imagine how difficult it must be for visitors from Denver who are accustomed to numbered, orderly sections at music and sports venues? It's a miracle any of them ever find their assigned seats.

CFD even makes the Party Zone, which is basically a dirt field, way too complicated. Which Portal do I use? Wait, what? I have to walk around the back and enter through Old Frontier Town?

And don't even get me started on the "B" grandstands, where the seat numbers are all different in sections BL, BB, and BU.

It doesn't have to be this difficult.

Here are three easy steps for simplifying the seating chart at Frontier Park:

1. Rename the "Portals" as "Sections".

2. Make each ticket correspond with a numbered section. For example, Party Zone tickets would be labeled in Sections 1,2, 11 or 12, depending on their entrance. Grandstand seats would be in Sections 3 - 10.

3. Instead of BL, BB, and BU...or CL, CB, and CU...make each level correspond with each section. For example, instead of labeling a ticket in section BU, label the ticket in section 306. That way, people know they are on the 3rd level in the 6th section.

It's not rocket science.


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