Would it be too early to say Josh Allen is "The Next John Elway?" Cbsports.com says Josh is considered that, in their story on "Why NFL teams might be better off waiting until 2018 to find their next franchise QB".

That was posted two weeks ago and likely just didn't come up on many radars, but maybe you like it now, “Wyoming’s Josh Allen might be considered the next John Elway, but he’s not available until next year.”

We've been waiting for a number of years for the next class of future great quarterbacks. If we don't really see that this year, maybe it is the next year - not to count our chickens before they hatch.

Are you glad Josh made the decision to not go into the 2017 Draft?

I only ask on behalf of Josh's best chances for NFL success, but if you're a Pokes fan, the answer is, "YES, we're all glad he didn't go just yet."

For now, the next chance to see Josh run the Cowboys pro-style offense comes Saturday, April 22nd. The "Spring Game" kicks off at 2 p.m. for the Offense versus Defense “Brown and Gold" scrimmage. It may be our last look until the real season starts.

Meanwhile, here's another look back at last Saturday's Casper action.

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