For Wyomingites who were never fans of any other NFL team but the Denver Broncos, we have a question. How are you? Are you hanging in there?

(This posted Friday, just in time for the first win in 9 weeks. Did I hear Greg Gumble say the Broncos said that they never lost confidence. Really? I may have had some question of my own confidence as a fan. Anyway ...)

If you're already pulling for the Raiders, I question how much of a Bronco fan you ever were. I hate those people more than I hate the Raiders.

We thought 2016 got a little frustrating, but 2017 has been downright demoralizing. The first reason for that goes back those first two games of the season. How could this offense have looked so good? And where are they now?

I, personally, will come out of this okay, but there are some things that scare me. In The Mile High Report’s “It’s Time to Hit the Reset Button,” I don’t have any good feelings about player infighting and that whole idea, “It’s time to blow up the Denver Broncos.” Like what is meant by “blow up” exactly? How? Or who? I mean who particularly on our defense does anyone want to blow up? Blowing up the Offensive Coordinator was one thing, but If John Elway blows up the defense," I may actually think about switching teams.

I can’t not cheer for the Broncos, but I actually feel guilty now for almost hoping we lose the rest of this season (to win a higher draft pick). That does, however, bring us to these positives we can look forward to next year:

… We should have a QB. Even if his name isn’t Manning (Eli) it should be an upgrade. Getting back Tebow would be an upgrade.

… Tickets may be easy to get for the first time since before The Orange Crush.

… In short, things will get better because they just can’t possibly get worse.

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