This week's snowstorm has Cheyenne officials reminding people to keep fire hydrants clear of snow and ice.

Cheyenne Fire & Rescue Chief Jim Martin says firefighters need to be able to get to hydrants quickly to protect people and property.

"If the hydrant is buried (in snow) we have to sit there and try to find it or we have to go to a secondary hydrant, and that's going to take time," said Martin. "As we all know, a seconds delay makes the situation worse, fire conditions grow worse and if there's a life safety issue where we're trying to rescue someone it means we're going to spend more time before we can get to them."

Martin recognizes removing snow can be a challenge, but says city code requires residents to keep a clear space of three feet around fire hydrants.

"Sometimes there's really nowhere to put the snow," said Martin. "If you look around town you'll see there's a lot of giant piles. So if you're going to have to pile it, just try not to pile it by the hydrants."

Joy Greenwald, Townsquare Media

The fire code as adopted by the City of Cheyenne reads:

A clear space of three (3) feet shall be maintained around the circumference of fire hydrants.

Vehicles, posts, fences, vegetation, materials or objects shall not be placed or kept near fire hydrants, fire department inlet connections or fire protection system control valves. Cheyenne Fire & Rescue shall not be deterred or hindered from identifying or gaining access to fire protection equipment or fire hydrants. (IFC 507.5.4 & 507.5.5)