A Laramie man could spend over a decade behind bars for his alleged role in a reported domestic disturbance.

Eric George Spiegelberg, 45, is charged with aggravated assault -- threats with a deadly weapon, as well as battery -- unwanted contact. He could be sentenced to 10 years, six months imprisonment if convicted.

Court documents say a Laramie police officer on Sept. 3 was sent to a residence in town. A woman there reportedly told the officer that a physical domestic disturbance took place, and the suspect took off.

The victim told the officer she and Spiegelberg got into an argument, according to court documents, during which Spiegelberg got angry and threw her on the bed.

The victim's minor son then went into the bedroom and got Spiegelberg off the victim, according to the affidavit.

Court documents say the woman and her son told the officer that Spiegelberg left the residence for awhile before returning, going into the garage and getting a roughly two-foot-long metal pipe.

Spiegelberg allegedly went into the residence and went upstairs to where the son was taking a shower. Spiegelberg opened the door, raised the metal pipe above the boy's head and said something to the effect of "I'll bash your brains in," according to court documents.

Spiegelberg reportedly corroborated that version of events, according to the affidavit.

An arraignment hearing for Spiegelberg is set for Nov. 17 in Albany County District Court.

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