Laramie residents have reported a phone scam over the past several days.

A telephone solicitor has been calling about donations to assist the Laramie Fire Department.  The caller is typically vague about how the money will be used and may say something about disabled firemen or children.

City Attorney Jason Loos says any suspicious calls should be reported to the Laramie Police Department.

“Just hang up on them,” says Loos.  “Obviously there’s nothing legitimate they’re calling for.”

This kind of solicitation is usually a scam and should be ignored, according to the City.

“The City of Laramie doesn’t solicit donations over the phone for anything,” says Loos.  “So it doesn’t have anything to do with the City.”

Anyone with questions about such solicitation can call the Laramie Fire Department at 721-5332, Dispatch at 721-2526, or the City Manager’s Office at 721-5226.


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