One of YouTube's most famous storm chasers was recently in Wyoming where he captured a wild lightning storm as it happened over Devil's Tower.

Pecos Hank has over 700,000 followers on YouTube. There's a good reason for this. He shares some of the most compelling storm chasing videos on the net and he specializes in capturing lightning. Check out this staggering lightning display he captured over Devil's Tower.

Here's how Pecos Hank described his time in Wyoming:

Lightning storm over Devils Tower / Bear Lodge Wyoming & other dramatic lightning storms over the Northern Great Plains. Plus why the peak is called Devils Tower.

It's true that Hank explores the naming of Devil's Tower and how it originated with a wrong translation of an Indian word. "Wahanksika" means "black bear". An author thought the word used was "Wakansica" which can be translated as "evil spirit". That is how Devil's Tower got its name. Sort of.

If you're interested in how Pecos Hank gets such great lightning pictures, he shared some tips on how you can make it happen.

Pecos Hank is one of the most highly recommended follows I can give you on YouTube. His storm expertise is unmatched and he's got some great camera tips, too.

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