As someone who is not originally from Wyoming, I am often asked about what it is like living out here from friends back home and in other locations. The first thing that comes to me as a natural reaction are how nice and friendly the people here are. It is certainly no surprise to me that our state actually finished right at the top of the list for 'most friendly neighbors'.

RTA Outdoor Living recently did a survey that showed which states have the most friendly neighbors in the country and sure enough, Wyoming finished 2nd of all 50 states, along with Washington, D.C. In the survey, a sample size of residents from each state were asked to rate their neighbors on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being least friendly and 5 being the most friendly. They were also asked to weigh in on general neighbor friendliness.

The average neighborhood friendliness rating in Wyoming was 18.04 percent over the national average. Only Hawaii finished with a higher friendliness rating above the national average as they were 20.55 percent higher. Kansas, South Dakota, and Utah followed behind Wyoming to round out the top five states with the most friendly neighbors.

Washington, D.C. finished with the least friendly neighbors, followed by Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Alaska, and Ohio.

RTA Outdoor Living credited the beautiful landscape of Wyoming, along with the open area throughout the state to roam in contrast to other more cramped states (Rhode Island).

Some of the nicest things that neighbors have done for others were listed as well, such as 'regularly shoveling of my driveway', 'saved me from a dog attack', and 'paid for my cat's expensive surgery'. That is certainly some neighborly friendliness!

So well done, Wyoming! Thanks for being friendly and welcoming neighbors to all!

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