According to the most recent report from John Hopkins and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Wyoming is among the top five states in the country for having the current highest infection rate for Covid-19.

Based on reports from the Wyoming Department of Health, back in July, the number of people testing positive for Covid-19 and not having recovered was around 500. That number has recently ballooned to about 3,300. Hospitalizations from the virus have also more than doubled since last week with over 100.

No new public health measures have been enforced by state officials, as they have opted to put an emphasis on personal responsibility such as washing hands, social distancing at least six feet away from others, and also wearing face masks.

State Health Department spokeswoman Kim Deti noted that the surge in cases is not a result of more testing, but rather people growing tired of the pandemic itself. She also noted that schools are seeing few cases spread among students and staff where masks are required to be worn.

Deti said that many of the new cases are as a result of family gatherings.

The current number of cases is thought to be even higher than what the numbers show since not everyone shows symptoms if infected, nor has everyone been tested.

In the meantime, please take the necessary precautions when it comes to helping to prevent Covid-19, such as the suggested guidelines by the CDC. As another surge is upon us throughout not just our state, but also the country, please stay safe!

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