The legendary Garth Brooks will be performing live this Friday night at Cheyenne Frontier Days and what better way could you kickoff the first night of the festival? As we gear up for Garth's performance, let's take a lot at his top hits in a countdown that ranked by none other, than you!

Yesterday, on Y95's Facebook page, in the process of giving away some prizes, we asked you to name your favorite Garth Brooks tracks to register for the contest. Clever, right? In doing so, by show of what your favorites are, you have ranked Garth Brooks top hits and there were A LOT that were chosen. But we've counted the votes and here are the results, let's count 'em down...

10. Beaches of Cheyenne

It's only fitting that the first song on the countdown happened to be the one Garth Brooks jam to have 'Cheyenne' in the title. You can bet this will take on some extra meaning when he performs it on Friday night.

9. Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)

Garth's debut single from 1989 ranks at #9. Of course, it would happen to be about a rodeo cowboy and one of the biggest rodeo festivals there is.

8. Unanswered Prayers

Garth has always said this has been one of his most personal songs for him in that it's based on a real life experience he had. It also happened to be a follow up single of his to one of the songs you'll see later on in this countdown.

7. Standing Outside the Fire

This track still carries a message of inspiration and hope for so many and has remained a classic country hit since its release in late 1993.

6. That Summer

Garth called this #6 ranked song one of his sexiest songs as it was the last single released from his 1993 album, 'The Chase'.

5. Rodeo

If Cheyenne Frontier Days had to name an official theme song, this could certainly be a nominee for that. Long before his marriage to Trisha Yearwood, Garth once literally begged her to record it as 'Miss Rodeo'. As it turns out, she eventually convinced him to record it.

4. Callin' Baton Rouge

The Oak Ridge Boys originally recorded this track in 1978 before it was covered by New Grass Revival in 1989. Those guys broke up, but it was Garth who helped reunite them when he called them in to help him record his version in 1993, which has been the most popular version of all.

3. Thunder Rolls

Garth called this the 'toughest' song in his entire catalog. The music video for the song was controversial at the time but won the CMA Video of the Year and also was praised for raising awareness for the true terrors of domestic violence. Brooks himself would play the abusive husband in the video (with a fake beard) as he said it was the only way he could make the character despicable enough to deserve what would happen to him. You can watch the full music video by clicking the link here.

2. Friends in Low Places

Certainly it has earned its place in music lore as one of the favorites to sing-along' with of any throughout history. If you can't see his show this Friday, I'm wondering if you might be able to hear the crowd singing along to this one from anywhere in Cheyenne.

1. The Dance

'The Dance' is known by many as Garth's signature song. It means something special to everyone who listens to it. He's called it one the greatest successes he'll ever do as it will probably always be his favorite song.

There it is. The top Garth Brooks songs as voted on by you, Y95 listeners across southeast Wyoming! If you happen to be lucky enough to be going to his show tomorrow, you're in for a treat unlike any other as you're probably well aware by now. Enjoy!

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